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  • Special lubricants for the food industry

    Lubricants for food and pharmaceutical use

Food Grade Lubricants, Oils, Greases and Sprays

Machinery used in the food and pharmaceutical industries require the use of specialist food safe lubricants. They must contain non-toxic, food grade, FDA approved ingredients and satisfy the regulations for non-food compounds used in food manufacturing plants.

Our TRIBOFOOD range of oils and greases are NSF-H1 registered for use in food processing environments and are widely used as lubricants in bakeries, food processing factories, food preparation, food packaging and food packing areas.

We also have food grade oils, greases and sprays that are NSF-3H registered, for use as release or parting agents with direct food contact. Our food grade lubricants are nut and allergen free.

In extreme high temperature ovens, including applications where bakery chain temperatures can reach above 300°C, these bakery chains require our TRIBOFOOD CHN high temperature synthetic chain oils. Conveyors, chains, high temperature bearings, slides and components require our specialist  lubricants and high temperature greases.

For spiral freezers, blast freezers and other very low temperatures, we have special TRIBOFOOD oils and greases for use down to temperatures of -80°C. Where aggressive cleaning procedures are used frequently this can ‘wash out’ or degrade some lubricants. We have special oils and greases to protect from water, steam, degreasers and cleaning chemicals reducing the need for re-lubrication.

Our TRIBOFOOD lubricants are used in the manufacture of pharmaceutical products and pharmaceutical packaging being food and pharma approved.

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