food safe lubricants

General Purpose Oils

General Purpose Oils


 TRIBOFOOD high performance, food grade NSF H-1 approved oils developed from an Isoparaffinic hydrocarbon base with a low freezing point, high viscosity indices, good shear strength and anti-foaming properties. TRIBOFOOD’s HLQ range is formulated from lubricating semi-synthetic oil with good air release and emulsification properties, offering effective protection against corrosion and outstanding anti-wear performance. The HLQ general purpose lubricating oils contain virtually no sulphur, nitrogen or aromatics which contribute to the degradation of other oils of this type. In addition the these oils meet stringent medicinal white oil purity requirements.


The TRIBOFOOD HLQ range provide general lubricating oils for use on bearings, ball bearings, medium loaded bearings, plain bearings, slides, chains, pneumatic systems, hydraulic and circulatory oil systems, compressor and vacuum pump applications in food and beverage processing areas,  pharmaceutical, and associated packaging industries. TRIBOFOOD HLQ fluids have good isolating and dielectric capacities making them ideal for use on equipment producing goods for human or animal consumption.


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