food safe lubricants

Hydraulic Oils

Hydraulic Oils


A range of semi-synthetic to fully synthetic PAO oils for use in hydraulic systems and as general purpose lubricating oils. TRIBOFOOD SHC products offer lower temperature capabilities and are food safe oils with NSF-H1 approval. TRIBOFOOD SHC range’s naturally high viscosity index allows for exceptional performance in low temperatures, high load carrying capability and excellent water separation.


TRIBOFOOD SHC range of high performance synthetic fluids and oils for use in hydraulic, circulating, compressor and vacuum pump application systems in food, beverage and pharmaceutical processing areas, and associated packaging industries. TRIBOFOOD SHC products are effective as general purpose oils across a wide temperature range and are compatible with most seals, rubbers, plastics and coatings used in equipment lubricated with mineral or PAO oils.


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