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Synthetic Greases

Synthetic Greases


TRIBOFOOD high performance food safe, Aluminium Complex Synthetic Greases with wide temperature capacity, excellent resistance to water and cleaning agents. Premium quality NSF H-1 registered, food safe greases, the MAK range is available in NLGI grades 00, 1 and 2, and the IKV TRIBOPASTE PSI 202 FG is available as a food-grade Anti-Seize Paste.

TRIBOFOOD’s lubricating Aluminium Complex Synthetic Greases offer outstanding anti-corrosive, anti-wear, and E.P. properties, as well as superior adherence in stringent service conditions. Due to the long life and slow ageing characteristics of the TRIBOFOOD range, re-lubrication frequency is reduced, consequently reducing consumption and residue levels of the grease.


TRIBOFOOD Aluminum Complex Synthetic Greases are ideal for applications including bearings, rollers and joints, sliding bearings, chains, open gears, conveyors, runners and tap systems, particularly in the presence of water, heavy loads and extreme temperatures. The TRIBOFOOD range are recommended for use on bearings and mechanisms in freezing equipment, beverage industry equipment, the lubrication of ovens and kiln bearings, and conveyors and chains in the food transportation, packaging, canning and pharmaceutical industries.



    • Outstanding lubricating properties
    • Extremely high water resistance
    • Fortified with PTFE and suitable for all anti-seize applications in food production areas
    • Ideal for the lubrication of chains in wet environments
    • Temperature range of -20 to 150°C

    • Superior affinity to metal with high mechanical stability
    • Formulated with a high lubricating capacity synthetic oil
    • Excellent lubricity in applications in contact with water, vapour, alkalis, detergents, or light acids
    • Compatible with most rubbers and elastomers
    • Temperature ranges of -40 to 180°C

    • White grease formulated with aluminum complex soap
    • Excellent adhesion to metal surfaces
    • High pumpability
    • Excellent anti-corrosive capacity – even for copper alloys
    • Compatible with rubbers
    • Reduces noise levels and operating temperatures of gearboxes
    • Temperature ranges of -20 to 150°C

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